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Marine Gold Seafoods is a company dedicated to sourcing and supplying the best quality natural, organic Sea moss/Irish moss sustainably cultivated and or harvested from the unspoilt waters of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. We are a family business based in Saint Lucia, West Indies, with roots from various Caribbean Islands. We are familiar with the products we provide and that enables us to select the best quality for our clients. We have decades of practical experience in trade supply chain logistics and maintain good relations with reputable shippers to ensure that your products reach you quickly and fit for human consumption. All documents needed for unhindered clearance from Customs and health authorities are shipped / sent with the consignment and by email or express courier.
We are happy to remain in contact with you our clients via phone, the media indicated in the contact section of this website and social media sites we maintain. Please feel free to engage us in constructive dialogue regarding the products advertised on our website. If you desire other products please indicate. We are happy to accommodate you where possible.

Saint Lucia, (not to be confused with St. Lucia in Australia), is a lush green, 238 sq. Mile volcanic island, centrally located in the Eastern Caribbean chain of islands. Discovered in 1502 by Christopher Columbus, it was however already as most Caribbean lands inhabited by Carib and Arawak Indians for centuries. St. Lucia is mainly the home of African slaves’ descendants forcibly brought here by European nations as they expanded West into the New World, building agricultural plantation economies as part of their expanding empires.
St. Lucia, from the 16 to 19th centuries changed hands 14 times between the British and French empires, until it was finally ceded to Great Britain. On 22nd February 1979, St. Lucia was granted independence by the UK. It is a stable, constitutional democracy and remains a member of the British commonwealth as well as the Francophone Caribbean.
Its economy is predominantly based on International Tourism. This is due to our friendly people, gorgeous beaches, clear, clean sea water, an enabling economic environment, and award winning chefs/food among other positives. St. Lucia boasts several upscale international and local hotels including Sandals, Body Holiday, Royal St. Lucian, Royalton and Hilton. St. Lucia has won the Best Honeymoon Destination consecutively for over a decade to date.
St. Lucia is also dependent on land and sea-based agriculture. Due to the misfortunes of climate change, hurricanes, the demise of the textile industry and the removal of the European preferential treatment on bananas, many farmers have moved offshore into the Seamoss cultivation business.
St. Lucia avidly works to keep its coastal waters clean and unpolluted by chemicals. This pristine environment enables the renowned St. Lucia Golden Seamoss and Purple Seamoss to flourish, without the fear of heavy metal contamination.
Wildcrafted, organic Seamoss is being grown island-wide by an increasing number of Seamoss farmers and fishermen. Women are a major part of this workforce and business endeavor. St. Lucian Seamoss is renowned worldwide and has steadily increased in demand. The quality is well reputed and consistent.
Other marine products as the Queen Conch, lobsters and general fish stock are readily available in St. Lucian waters. Each Caribbean island has its own regulated lobster and conch harvesting season. We also source these other fisheries products from our neighbouring islands when required. However, Seamoss is specifically sourced from St. Lucia where the supply remains abundant due to the sustainable farming and harvesting practices employed here.
St. Lucia, your first choice.

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